August Event with Sarah Presch and Chris Simmance

Date: August 15th Time: 5:30pm CET

Join us for our event together with Sarah Presch and Chris Simmance.


17:30 – Welcomes and introductions
17:45 – Sarah Presch about Language, Culture & Buyer Behaviour – The vital ingredients for iSEO campaigns
18:00 – Mingle (we will send you a Google Meet link during the event so that we can have some time to mingle all together)
18:30 – Chris Simmance about The Power of Critical Thinking in Your Digital Marketing Teams
19:00 – Good byes and thanks!


Sarah Presch
Language, Culture & Buyer Behaviour – The vital

We all know about the need for hreflang tags when going international, but how do you create campaigns that really resonate with your international audiences and bring you all those lovely conversions? Well, you need to understand that every market comes with its unique blend of language, culture, and buyer behaviour. And by knowing how to harness them, you’ll be able to create inclusive campaigns that get your brand noticed for all the right reasons.

Chris Simmance
The Power of Critical Thinking in Your Digital Marketing Teams

Critical Thinking is a skill that can unlock much more from the team when working together. Systems and processes minimise operational issues but can often constrain creativity and that can hurt the results and the culture in an agency!!

Systems, processes, and operational training solve the HOW part of delivering services but a team with excellent critical thinking skills ensures that the WHY and WHAT NEXT that we all really need are a part of your daily toolset.

Critical Thinking is the superpower that unlocks better creativity and adds value to the time teams spend and reduces client and staff churn.


– Your team go beyond the process thinking and deliver more considered work.

– Understanding the WHY and WHAT NEXT ensures better time planning and utilisation.

Thinking through the WHY of a task means more buy-in and care.

Critical Thinking allows better internal challenging of ideas without risking relationships.

Key Audience…

Anyone who runs a business or agency

Managers or Leaders in a business or agency

Members of teams who want more out of their work